(2019, 100 Min.)

Drama, 100 Minutes

When he doesn’t tell his girlfriend that he got fired, a young startup manager gradually loses himself
in obsession with his former boss and has to fight to save his relationship.

he feature film debut by director Georg Pelzer is based on a 20-page plot description, actions and dialogues were developed on location with the actors. FLUTEN was shot with a small crew in Hamburg and Lüneburg, currently the film is in post-production.
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FLOODSstarring Fabian Kloiber, Alissa Borchert, Tobias Schormann, Tamara Theisen, Gregor Müller et al.

Written & directed by
Georg Pelzer

Produktion manager
Laura Mangels, Steffi Hübner

Assistant Director
Friederike Blum, Dennis Müller

Production team
Friederike Blum, Dennis Müller, Lotte Müller, Fabian Kloiber

Director of Photography
Christoph Hertel

Original Sound
Leon Dutz, Dennis Uhlendorff, Kevin Jahnel, Johann Meis, Elias Müller, Lotte Müller, Alexey Pavlov, Daniel Schulz

Kristina Heller

Dennis Müller

Leonie Palm

Eva-Maria Arndt

Kevin Jahnel

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